Friday, January 21, 2011

Buyer's Remorse and I haven’t Signed Anything (YET)

Over lunch today I started thinking about why I am so fixated on the 2011 550xi instead of what I originally wanted which was the 535xi. So I started running the pros and cons through my head and thought (good blog post).

BMW 550xi:
1.       100 more horsepower.
2.       I always want the top of the line for whatever model I choose.
1.       It is going to cost me $3,207 more to get the 550xi with the same options as the 535xi.
2.       I will spend $628 extra in annual fuel costs by getting a 550xi (V8 400hp) instead of the 535xi (300hp).

BMW 535xi:
1.       Saving $628 in annual fuel costs.
2.       Saving $3,207 on the price of the vehicle. This equates to an annual payment reduction of $684 (5yr loan @ 2.99%) or an annual payment reduction of $600 (6yr loan @ 3.49%)
3.       Same everything as the 550xi with the only difference being a V6 with 300hp as compared to the 550xi having a V8 with 400 hp.
4.       To put it into perspective over the life of the vehicle I can save
a.       Base car cost savings: $3,207
b.      5 year fuel savings: ($628 * 6 = $3,762)
c.       6 year payment savings: ($600 * 6 = $3,600)
d.      That’s a total of ($3,207 + $3,762 + $3,600 = $10,562) during its 6 year life.
1.       Doesn’t have the extra 100hp that the 550xi has.
2.       Isn’t the top of the line model.

So it boils down to, is that extra 100hp with the 500xi really worth the $10,562 over the course of the 6 year lifetime of the vehicle?  I mean come on let’s be real. I drive 25,000 miles a year on average and 75% of that mileage is spent on I-95 rush hour. That 100hp isn’t going to make any difference to me 75% of the time given the $10,562 to shell out for it. Not to mention all of the speeding tickets I would likely get with the 500xi. The car I drive now has a V6 with 258 horsepower so no matter if I get a 550xi or a 535xi I am going to have MORE HORSEPOWER ARRRRGHHHH ARRRRGHHHH ARRRRGHHH…. J

My conclusion, which isn’t by definition a fiscally responsible one, is to press forward with the 535xi, unless there is something with the 550xi, other than the V8, that I am not aware of. More inquiry to make with the CA during tomorrow morning’s test drive of the 550xi and 535xi.

Hmmm decisions decisions.

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